Introducing Charlie the Wine Dog

Introducing Charlie the Wine Dog

Most people come for the wine, some come for the coffee and homemade cakes, but some come for The Dog. Yes, Charlie the Wine Dog is amassing a legion of devoted fans.

Charlie is 99% Boxer and belongs to winery owners John & Genevieve and lives in Lismore during the week, in a tiny yard (tiny compared to the vast acreage here). Upon his arrival at Jester Hill on Friday afternoons, all that can be seen of him from within the cellar door is just a brown streak as he gallops about, reacquainting himself with “his property”.

Charlie’s BFF is Blaze, who lives with Tara and James up the hill. On their playdates Blaze and Charlie become a red and brown streak of boisterousness, which is adorable until they return from a dip in the dam and expect cuddles.

His favourite day is Saturday, when bus after bus offers up dozens of potential mates, generous with pats and scratches and even a willingness to throw a slobbery tennis ball. Charlie likes to ‘talk’ to new friends, and is working on not jumping up, and learning to give the ball back so it can be thrown again.

One day Charlie hopes to be featured in Wine Dogs Australia.