Véraison is a French term referring to the colour change that happens as a grape is ripening and signifies the change from berry growth to berry ripening in grapevines. At véraison the berries become soft and take on the colours characteristic of their specific variety. But there’s more to véraison than just the grapes changing colour...

19th Feb 2022

Granite Belt Bicycle Tours is the only bicycle tour business in Queensland’s premier wine region.Their tour provides you with top quality bicycles and all the accessories you need to ensure an enjoyable, relaxing day of cycling. To make it even easier for you they will deliver bikes to your accommodation and will even pick you (and your wines) up if you’ve had enough for the day!

3rd Feb 2022

The Stanthorpe Apple & Grape Harvest Festival is one of Queensland’s longest-running and most successful Festivals! The biennial festival is a celebration of the Granite Belt region’s produce and booming wine industry. An average of 60,000 people attend the festival and this is arguably Australia’s leading harvest festival having a successful track record spanning five decades.

27th Jan 2022

“There are more memory cells in the brain than there are bubbles in 20,000 litres of sparkling wine”

A wine that is memorable has made its mark. As with an unforgettable human being, a feature or a personality facet is the trigger for the rest of the character to reveal itself. If you want to remember wines, you will.

13th Jan 2022

Have you left it a little late for Christmas and missed the shipping period? Don't fret, we have you covered! Grab a Jester Hill Wines Gift Voucher for those wine-loving friends or loved ones and let them pick their perfect drop.

17th Dec 2021

The Granite Belt region has a growing reputation as one of Australia’s top producers of alternative variety wines – known here as Strange Birds.

3rd Dec 2021