Strangebird Wine Trail Map and Strangebirds

The Granite Belt region has a growing reputation as one of Australia’s top producers of alternative variety wines – known here as Strange Birds.

To be called an alternative, a variety must represent not more than 1% of the total bearing vines in Australia as defined by Wine Australia.

Wine-tasting the cellar doors of the Granite Belt is a unique wine experience, where you’ll encounter exciting varieties, that pair very specifically to ideal foods. The wineries of the Granite Belt offer a boutique and authentic wine experience, where in many cases the hands that pour your glass are the same that tended the vines and made the wine.

Certainly, each bottle has a story to tell and each cellar door welcomes you to discover that unique story that goes with their variety of Strange Bird wines.

Enjoyed in Europe for generations, these alternative varieties are now emerging as Australian favourites due to their ability to match perfectly with our food preferences. You can taste alternative varieties at dozens of our cellar doors.

Download a Strange Bird™ Wine Trail Map Here.