Our Story

Jester Hill believes the enjoyment of wine is central to most of life’s experiences.

History tells us that jesters were celebrated for their skills in using humour and wittily observed social commentary to entertain both their royal masters and the courtiers of the day.

And in the works of William Shakespeare, jesters made frequent appearances as characters in his very topical performances.

It is from these historical and theatrical links Jester Hill has sourced our provenance.

Our mission is to ensure that at gatherings of friends, family and even fools, the occasion is made more memorable by the drinking of our premium quality wines.

When Michael and Ann Bourke set off for the Granite Belt on their motorcycles in March 2010, little did they realise that 9 months later they would be the proud owners of Jester Hill Wines.

Established in 1993 with the first plantings, Jester Hill Wines strives to ensure the unique Continental climate of the Granite Belt region is represented in every bottle.

We are a family-owned and operated winery and we believe there is a wine for everybody. Our wide range of styles and varieties is sure to find favour with even the most discerning palate.