Things To Do In The Region

Brass Monkey Brew House

Ernie brews and bottles all beer onsite and invites you to his rustic and friendly bar in the shed where meals are available, prepared with the best quality ingredients and with the love of a home-cooked meal.

Address:105 Donges Road, Severnlea QLD, Australia

Phone:0488 967 401

The Folly Truffles

The Folly Truffles are Queensland’s first commercial truffiere. Our French Black Perigord truffles are grown with love on our small family farm in Ballandean, on Queensland’s Granite Belt. Truffle harvest occurs June to August – that’s the time to join the truffle dog hunts, but there are tour options all year round.

Address:1110 Bents Rd, Ballandean QLD, Australia

Phone:0488 392 979

Stanthorpe's Little Brass Monkey

The Brass Monkey statue in Stanthorpe’s CBD is a famous little fellow that marks the town’s claim to get ‘cold enough to freeze the balls off a brass monkey’. Stanthorpe district celebrates four seasons, the most popular being Brass Monkey Season during the winter months.

Not as crude as it may sound, the origin of the ‘cold enough to freeze the balls of the brass monkey’ saying originates by popular account from an occurrence on sailing ships, where the brass monkey was the name given to a metal rack used to store cannonballs.

The plaque that sits by the little Brass Monkey statue in Stanthorpe’s CBD reads“in long ago wars artillerymen had a brass plate called a monkey, which sat alongside the canon. The plate held 30 cannonballs stacked pyramid-like, until on freezing nights the monkey would shrink and the balls would fall off, hence the expression ‘cold enough to freeze the balls off a brass monkey’.”

Right next to the Brass Monkey is an incredible mural depicting Angelo Valiante who turned 100 in the month of completion. Mr Valiante was one of the first Italians to settle in Stanthorpe and the work pays homage to the Italian community that have made the region what it is today. Find this and more Stanthorpe murals and street art here:

Address:16 Maryland St, Stanthorpe QLD, Australia

The Big Thermometer

Stanthorpe is Queensland’s coolest town and this is marked on the readings shown on Stanthorpe’s Big Thermometer.

See the Big Thermometer on Leslie Parade, next to the Stanthorpe Visitor Information Centre. It’s a lovely walk by the creekside here and there are picnic tables and toilets. The Visitor Information Centre even has a coffee shop inside, so if the temperatures are showing very cool, scurry inside and grab a warming coffee, tea or hot chocolate!

From here you may choose to continue and follow the walk to The Red Bridge.

Address:28 Leslie Parade, Stanthorpe QLD, Australia

Vincenzo's Cafe and The Big Apple

Vincenzo's Cafe and Stanthorpe’s Big Apple is 13km north of Stanthorpe along the New England Highway in the area called Thulimbah.

Vincenzo's Cafe is openMonday – Friday: 8:30am – 4:00pmand​​Saturday – Sunday: 8:30am – 4:00pm.

Stop for a photo holding up the apple, pretending to eat it – we and visitors alike can’t help but stop to take these fun photos.

Why a big apple?… well Stanthorpe and particularly the Granite Belt villages north of Stanthorpe such as Thulimbah are where all of Queensland’s apple crop is grown. There are orchards everywhere around the countryside and Stanthorpe even has its own Stanthorpe Apple and Grape Harvest Festival every second year in February/May.

Across the road from The Big Apple find Heritage Estate Church Cellar Door & Cafe and across the highway find apple pies and apple cider tastings at Sutton’s Juice Factory, Cidery & Cafe.

Address:New England Hwy & Amiens Rd, Thulimbah QLD 4376, Australia

Phone:0459 380 475

The 'Red' Bridge Walk

Quart Pot Creek meanders through Stanthorpe and makes for a lovely spot to walk and picnic. Find five kilometres of walking and cycling tracks and along one end of town the tracks link Stanthorpe to the ‘Red’ Bridge. It’s not red anymore, but this historic railway bridge is a sight to see and makes for a relaxing and scenic easy walk. Jump around the rocks at the rocky creekside at the Red Bridge and stop for a stunning photo.

Park at the Stanthorpe Visitor Information Centre and ask for directions for walking from there, or park closer at the small parking lot where Rose St meets Anzac St at Heritage Park. Follow the creekside pathway from there, following in the direction away from the town centre and it leads straight to the ‘Red’ Bridge.

The bridge was built in the mid 1880’s without modern equipment, using manpower, horse drawn drays and explosives.

Address:Heritage Park, Stanthorpe QLD, Australia

Castle Glen Australia

Castle Glen Australia started its life in 1990 with the planting of the Castle Glen Vineyard. In 1994, Cedric designed and built “The Castle” – an iconic building sitting in the heart of the Granite Belt. Having conquered the art of makingTable Wine, Fortified Wine and Sparkling Wine(Technique Traditionelle), Cedric started making fruit wines using fruit from the local growers in the district.

Traditional English style Liqueurs and the ‘World First’Crème Liqueursfollowed to become a large part of the business through the late 1990’s and early 2000’s and now boasts a range of 500 plus truly unique products. Only the freshest naturally ripened fruit, the best quality nuts, chocolate, and spices are shipped into Castle Glen to make these taste sensations.

Castle Glen has continued to diversify, and in 2009 became the firstBreweryon the Granite Belt. The Castle Glen Distillery was established at the same time and can now boast to be the onlyWhiskeyproducer in Queensland.

Address:3184 Thulimbah School Road, Cottonvale QLD, Australia

Phone:(07) 4683 2363

Sutton’s Juice Factory Cidery and Cafe

Enter the old packing shed on Sutton’s apple farm and be amazed to discover a cafe inside, where you can expect the ‘best-ever' apple pies and farmhouse style foods.

Their famedapple piesare made from scratch, each pie with approximately 25 apples inside, making for impressive large and delicious cut slices, served with Sutton’s own recipe of spiced apple cider ice cream.

It’s here, right in the middle of Queensland’s apple country, just 10 minutes drive north of Stanthorpe, where Ros and David Sutton have established an apple cidery and cafe, creating delicious products using locally grown apples and other Granite Belt grown produce.

Dineinside the shed cafe, or outside at picnic tables. View through the viewing window at what is being processed – often apple juice can be seen being made! Taste testapple juices, jams, liqueurs, vinaigrettes and more products made onsite.

The cafe serves good honest food that is additive and preservative free and totally made on-site in the café kitchen. The focus is on fruit and vegetables grown on the orchard and Granite Belt. Many of the recipes used in the kitchen are old family recipes that reflect the farmhouse style of food that is offered every day.

It’s easy to find Sutton’s Farm… it’s right opposite the BIG APPLE on the New England Highway, 10 minutes north of Stanthorpe.

Address:10 Halloran Drive, Thulimbah QLD, Australia

Phone:(07) 4685 2464

Wallangarra Railway Cafe

Dine in the original Railway Refreshment Rooms or on the station platform of the historic Wallangarra Railway Station. The cafe is open daily for breakfast through to afternoon tea and is a popular tourist stop for its vintage style decor, quiet countryside views and generous meals.

The railway station at Wallangarra was built in 1888 to service travellers who had to change trains from the standard gauge of NSW to Queensland’s narrow gauge. The two trains met here. You can stand on the platform with one foot in NSW and the other in Queensland. Note the differing architecture of the platform façades too. One side of the platform reflects the NSW standard design for railways of that era, the other Queensland’s design. There is a small and fascinating (and free) museum within the station buildings and a café is situated in the old railway dining rooms.

The Wallangarra Railway Museum is a free entry museum next door to the cafe.

Address:Wallangarra Railway Station, Rockwell Street, Wallangarra QLD, Australia

Phone: (07) 4684 3376

The Granite Belt Maze and Mini Golf

Come and get lost in our mazes and try to solve your riddles. The average distance to solve a riddle is around 2.5 to 3 kilometres. The Granite Belt Maze is fantastic fun for all ages, mums, dads and even nan and pop. Our venue is wheelchair accessible to most areas. 

The object of our maze is to make you search the maze from side to side & end to end looking for individual clues, so you can solve your riddle! The riddles are changed each month so that return visitors are put up to a new challenge every time.

The only maze in Queensland where it can snow.

Address:364 Old Warwick Road, Glen Niven QLD, Australia

Phone:0467 824 520

Granite Belt Brewery and Restaurant

Here’s yet another reason to visit our beautiful Granite Belt region. Our beers are full-flavoured and delicious – crafted from only the finest ingredients in our 1000 litre onsite microbrewery.

Our Bar, Restaurant, Brewery and Bottle Shop is open:

Friday, Saturday, Sunday and Monday from 10am – 9pm.

On Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday from 10am – 5pm. (restaurant closed – bar snacks are available)


Come for dinner or lunch and experience our famous Brewers Platter. This gourmet delight features four chef-prepared dishes perfectly paired with our beers.

Located in the large homestead adjoining the Granite Belt Brewery the spacious dining room features warm & inviting timber décor with modern yet rustic furnishings, festoon lighting and a cosy fireplace. The large restaurant deck is dog friendly.

Address:Granite Belt Brewery, 146 Glenlyon Drive, Stanthorpe QLD, Australia

Phone:(07) 4681 1370

Granite Belt Cycle Trails

Experience Granite Belt at a leisurely pace, cycling the quiet country roads which string the dozens of cellar doors and foodie stops together. The countryside to the north of Stanthorpe and all the way down to Ballandean is dotted with so many scenic vineyards, apple orchards, granite boulders and dozens of tourist spots to visit that it makes for an ideal place to tour with pedal power.

A popular trail is the well-marked Granite Belt Bike Trail, which follows 34km of quiet country roads, starting in Stanthorpe at the picturesque creek and meandering through quaint country back roads towards Ballandean, Queensland’s most famed wine region.

There are eight cycle tour routes that have been identified, of varying lengths and difficulty, so visit Ride the Great Divide here to view more great tour options in the Stanthorpe region.

Bring your own bike, or hire one from the local Stanthorpe based bicycle tours and hire business.

Address:Stanthorpe Visitor Information Centre, Leslie Parade, Stanthorpe QLD, Australia

Bald Rock National Park

A popular attraction for Granite Belt visitors, this National Park is located just on the NSW side of the border. Granite boulders scatter across picturesque walks, leading to awe-inspiring lookouts over boundless countryside.

Whether you’re planning a day trip from Stanthorpe, or a short vacation from Brisbane, it’s well worth visiting Bald Rock National Park.

From Bald Rock picnic area, follow the Border Link trail to the base of Bald Rock, where you’ll pass through eucalyptus, mountain gum and New England blackbutt. The trail leads to the NSW-Queensland border, and there are tremendous views of Girraween National Park, Queensland, along the way.

Bald Rock picnic area has gas barbecues and picnic tables where you can while away the hours. And as it’s the only established picnic area in Bald Rock National Park, with plenty of shaded spots to escape the heat, it’s a popular place to visit in summer.

Address:Bald Rock National Park, Carrolls Creek NSW, Australia

Mt Marlay Mountain Bike Trails

Discover the fun of mountain biking on granite at Mt Marlay, where you’ll find trails to match all levels of difficulty, from beginners to experienced riders. Mt Marlay is so close to the beautiful town of Stanthorpe, just 1.5kms from the town’s main street’s shops and cafes.

Since opening in 2018, the trails have been attracting both mountain biking enthusiasts and families giving it a try for the first time on the less challenging trails.

The Granite Belt is famous for its spectacular granite boulders and interesting granite outcrops and its here visitors can experience the thrill of riding on that granite.

There are trails suited to families, teenagers or those pushing their skills a little and also ‘black’ rated tracks which are the most challenging and attract experienced mountain biking enthusiasts. The trails…

* Green Granite (green – beginners)

* The Grape Escape (blue – little more challenging)

* Hammerhead (black – experienced riders)

* Tankslapper (black – experienced riders)

* Plus an additional black trail planned for future development.

Also in the Stanthorpe area, there are two popular fire trails to ride at Passchendaele State Forest and Broadwater State Forest, both lovely and shaded trails for mountain biking.

A distinct advantage is that the trails are on a sand base, so when other trails around Queensland which are clay-based are still unsuitable to ride after rain, Stanthorpe’s trails are ready to ride pretty much straight after a rain event.

People using the trails say: “They are exciting trails, all within a really compact area and that makes it really special.”

“The sensation of riding on the granite is something special.”

Address:Mount Marlay, Stanthorpe QLD, Australia

The Ballandean Pyramid

It’s certainly a surprise to encounter a giant stone pyramid south of Stanthorpe near the village of Ballandean! Built from blocks of local granite, the pyramid stands 17.5 metres in height, 30 metres square at the base and contains 7,500 tonnes of rock. It was built using an excavator and dump truck and took eight months to complete.

The pyramid can be seen through the trees along the highway south of Ballandean. To reach the pyramid for a closer look, turn off the highway (eastward towards the Ballandean Tavern) on Eukey road, then turn immediately right onto Jacobsens Road. Follow Jacobsons Road for 1.7km until you reach the giant pyramid on the right. The pyramid sits on private property, so no approaching the pyramid, however, the roadside is close enough to capture a view and a photo of this impressive site.

Address:Ballandean Pyramid, Jacobsens Rd, Ballandean QLD, Australia

Mt Marlay Summit and Lookout

For a panoramic view over Stanthorpe, Mt Marlay lookout and picnic area is the spot to drive to. Located within Stanthorpe itself, the lookout is and only a short yet fairly steep and windy drive a short distance from the shopping district.

There are free mounted binoculars at the lookout and picnic tables with and without shade.

Don’t miss the short walk around the summit, which follows a narrow concreted path through the trees and offers a scenic vantage point towards the north and filtered views in every direction as you encircle the summit. (Note: the walk is not signposted from the picnic area, but follow the path to start the short circuit.)

The mountain also features 4 mountain biking tracks, with varying grades of difficulty from family/beginners terrain, to black diamond tracks for experienced riders. Follow Southern Downs Mountain Biking Club on Facebook for information about these trails.

Address:Mount Marlay, Stanthorpe QLD, Australia

Donnellys Castle

You’re in for true amazement if you’re never discovered Donnellys Castle… and let’s clear it up from the start, it’s not actually a ‘castle’. This quiet spot is a wonderland of giant granite boulders near Stanthorpe and walking amongst the boulders you can explore cave-like entrances and narrow crevices – a hidden gem that’s fun to explore at all ages!

Donnellys Castle is famously the site used by bushranger ‘Captain Thunderbolt’ as his hideout! Thunderbolt was the longest roaming bushranger in Australian history and it’s no surprise he managed to elude authorities here because as you wander over, under and through the network of boulders, you too will feel you’re hidden away from the world! There’s also an exciting lookout sited on the top of one of the granite outcrops.

While it’s not suitable for those with limited mobility, it’s ideal for young families to explore. It’s just 50 minutes from the carpark to you’re already disappearing between boulders and exploring the exciting maze of granite.

Tip: If the family are left waiting to see a ‘castle’, don’t worry, you can view Castle Glen Winery on Amiens Road – it is an intriguing faux castle.

Address:Donnellys Castle Rd & Castle Lane, Pozieres QLD 4352, Australia

13 minutes drive west of The Big Apple and Sutton’s Juice Factory, Stanthorpe

Directions: turn off the New England Highway at The Big Apple (Vincenzo’s at the Big Apple) and travel down Amiens Road to Stanthorpe Cheese. Continue past Stanthorpe Cheese until you reach Donnelly’s Castle Rd (turn left onto Donnelly’s Castle rd) and travel 4.7kms until you see Castle Lane on the left. Turn in and it’s just a few hundred metres to Donnelly’s Castle carpark.

Stanthorpe Cheese and Jersey Girls Cafe

Stanthorpe Cheese is the region’s original cheese factory. We are situated 10 minutes on the north side of Stanthorpe. We are a complete farmhouse factory, processing all the milk from our small herd of purebred Jersey cows and selling it in our lovely little on-farm shop and online.

The shop sells a huge range of other Granite Belt produce including jams, chutneys, relishes, olives, juices, wines, vinegars, chilli, sauces, cold meats, honey, fresh bread and crackers and unique handmade gifts.

We have everything great in the district all under one roof. While you’re here you can enjoy a delicious shared Ploughman’s lunch with your friends or for something lighter, a cheese platter and our homemade cheesecake and coffee. We do the best fresh, Jersey milkshakes.

Address:4 Duncan Lane, Thulimbah QLD, Australia

Phone:(07) 4685 2277

Granite Belt Christmas Farm


Welcome to the Granite Belt Christmas Farm. Step through the doors and capture the magic of Christmas!


Enjoy marshmallow moustaches with QLD’s famous cup of Hot Chocolate. Indulge in beautifully handcrafted Belgian Chocolate all made in house.


The ultimate country experience! Feed the animals, including Rudolph Jnr the Reindeer.


Proud growers of 6000 real Christmas Trees.


Address:321 Aerodrome Road, Applethorpe QLD, Australia

Phone:0412 826 842

Glenlyon Dam Tourist Park

Glenlyon Dam Tourist Parkis located 97km west of Stanthorpe in QLD. With stunning views and surrounded by wildlife this is the ideal destination to relax and unwind.

Glenlyon Dam Tourist Park has become a fishing haven for keen anglers.

With unpowered & powered sites looking over the dam and rolling hills. Air-conditioned cabins (not self-contained) 4-5 people. It’s necessary to bring your own sheets, pillows, blankets and a basket of plates and cutlery. Cabins sleep five with handy external power points for extra fridges and the like. Outside of each cabin is a picnic table and BBQ area. . Glenlyon Dam Tourist Park has it all to make your stay a memorable one

Bookings are essential for the fishing season. So make sure to call us on 02 6737 5266 to secure a booking at Glenlyon Dam Tourist Park “A great place to fish!”

No domestic pets or Generators*

Address:Glenlyon Dam, Glenlyon, Queensland

Phone:(02) 6737 5266

Girraween National Park

Huge granite boulders tower above open forests in the spectacular and popular Girraween National Park, outside Stanthorpe in southern Queensland. Camp at Castle Rock or Bald Rock Creek camping areas or relax with a picnic in the shady Bald Rock Creek day-use area. Explore the park on almost 30 kilometres of walking tracks. Stroll the 280 metre Wyberba Walk alongside Bald Rock Creek; capture your own snap of the famed Granite Arch; climb The Pyramid for great views over the park; or spend the day walking to granite monoliths or waterholes along the creek. Learn from displays in the visitor information centre and at the day-use area.

Wildflowers in spring are a sign to behold! Gaze at changing reflections in the rock pools or go birdwatching for blue wrens, rare turquoise parrots and other forest birds. Spy bearded dragons and jacky lizards on the granite rocks, soaking up the sun. Go spotlighting at night to see ringtail possums high in the eucalypt trees. There is much to do in Girraween, and if you are lucky, you may see a wombat or hear superb lyrebirds imitating the calls of other birds.

More than 17km of well-made pathways beckon walkers of every grade through this magnificent and intriguing National Park. Girraween’s almost 12,000 hectares offer gentle 1.4km rambles to The Granite Arch, or more energetic summit tracks with steep slopes.

The winding 9km bitumen road to Girraween National Park can be entered 26km south of Stanthorpe (11km north of Wallangarra) at the turn-off to Wyberba. Another entrance can be found further south from Wallangarra off Mount Norman Road.

This gives access to a short but steep climb to Mount Norman and the Eye of the Needle.

Address:Girraween National Park, Pyramids Road, Wyberba, Queensland

Phone:13 74 68

Sundown National Park

South-west of Stanthorpe is the rugged Sundown National Park – a contrast to the rounded giant ‘marbles’ of Girraween. This is a wilderness park hidden in the Severn Valley to the west of the New England Highway.

The Severn River weaves its way through the park’s ancient rock, forming spectacular sharp ridges and steep side gorges. Access is from three directions. About 5km from the 4WD-only entrance via Ballandean, side track leads to the stunning Red Rock Gorge where 50m waterfalls tumble over cliffs stained red with lichen.

There are two all-vehicle entries that can be found south from Nundubbermere Road to Nundubbermere Falls and east from Glenlyon Dam Road to the Broadwater camping area.

Address:Sundown National Park, Sundown, Queensland

Phone:13 74 68

Quart Pot Creek

The pretty Quart Pot Creek meanders through granite country and natural bushland, passes through the town of Stanthorpe, and continues out through the south-west, where it meets Spring Creek to form the Severn River. Granite outcrops are evident along the water course – and make good spots to sit or picnic. The creek banks have been attractively landscaped by the local Council to include five kilometres of walking and cycling tracks, linking one end of town to the Red Bridge. You’ll find tranquil picnic and barbecue areas along the way. Take time to walk alongside this beautiful creek, past water-worn granite boulders; take some bread to feed the ducks, watch for native birds, paddle at the water’s edge or just relax under the shade of a tree.

Near the visitor information centre on the creek bank is Kidspace – a brass monkey-themed playground for families and a good spot to take a break.

Address:Leslie Parade, Stanthorpe, Queensland

Stanthorpe Regional Art Gallery

Stanthorpe is privileged to have an Art Gallery of this size and quality in such a small town. Established in 1972 with the first acquisitions from the biennial Art Festival, the collection has grown to almost 900 pieces, representing the diversity of Australian art practice through the wide ranging mediums of fibre/ textile, painting, ceramics, works on paper and sculpture. A number of internationally recognised Australian artists are represented in the collection with selected works having great significance in their oeuvres. William Robinson, Jon Molvig, Margaret Olley, Charles Blackman are present with artists such as Gordon Bennett, Barbara Schey and Gwyn Hanssen Pigott having pivotal works represented. New exhibitions are regularly presented.

The Stanthorpe Regional Art Gallery displays quality exhibitions of both national and local importance, as well as fostering a strong program of regional artist exhibitions and displays that are relevant to the history and character of the Granite Belt region.

The exhibition program also includes those specially curated from the Gallery’s wide-ranging permanent collection of traditional and contemporary paintings, works on paper, ceramics, sculpture and fibre artworks.

Quality national touring exhibitions encompass displays varying from contemporary jewellery, ceramics, noted Australian artists’ displays, to talented works by young upcoming artists.

The art gallery also encourages the presentation of established artist exhibitions from outside the region or state.

Address:56 Lock Street, Stanthorpe, Queensland

Phone:(07) 4681 1874

Stanthorpe Museum

One of the region’s greatest treasures and winner of the important John Herbert Memorial Award for Excellence, the highest award from the National Trust Queensland. Stanthorpe Museum also holds a Gold Award for Excellence in Heritage Conservation from Queensland Heritage Council and a Community Achievement Award for Heritage and Culture. It also holds two Collections of National Importance.

There are fifteen complete buildings full of original material, from a 1894 School Residence, to the spacious Ardmore House built in the 1920s, a summer holiday home that now houses a wonderful collection of furniture and memorabilia from that era. Outside the store that housed the chauffeur, cars and equipment for Ardmore House residents is now the Museum workshop. There is the delightful Heath House, complete from the 1940’s and featuring original furniture and equipment from that period. Wilson’s Downfall Gaol from 1876, and host of machinery and vehicles, and historical items that will keep you fascinated (and the children entranced) for hours.

Address:12 High Street, Stanthorpe, Queensland

Phone:(07) 4681 1711

Strom King Dam

Storm King Dam rests in a picturesque rural setting with many water birds (including pelicans) and is an ideal spot for picnics, water sport and fishing. Fish species include golden perch, murray cod, silver perch, jew and river black fish.

Facilities include: toilets, picnic tables, wood barbecues, drinking water, jetty, boat ramp, swimming area and playground. Please note that camping is not permitted however there is a recreational/youth camp available for large group bookings. No boating restrictions apply, however a permit is required for powerboats (at no cost).

Storm King Dam is situated 10 kilometres southeast of Stanthorpe on the road to Eukey.

Address:Eukey Road, Stanthorpe, Queensland, Australia

Jamworks Gourmet Foods

Jamworks Gourmet Foods Cafe & Larder.

We take pride in selecting only the freshest and best quality ingredients for our preserves.

We offer a great range of tasty treats whether for morning or afternoon tea, or sit, relax and enjoy a perfectly complemented lunch matched with some of our famous condiments.

Address:7 Townsend Road Glen Aplin QLD 4381

Phone:(07) 4683 4171

Bush Rock Gallery

Art gallery showing original paintings and limited edition giclée prints handmade by resident artist Graeme Schreiber.

Paintings are mainly landscapes and wildlife subjects and are done in realistic and semi-abstract styles.

The gallery is surrounded by a native plant garden.

Open most days. Phone ahead to confirm.

Address:29 Hoey Ln, Thorndale QLD 4380, Australia

Phone:0419 216 131

Amiens History Society

Amiens Legacy Centre is the site of a memorial to the Pikedale Soldier Settlers from WW1. Built by volunteers of the Amiens History Assn. on the site of the original rail terminus at Amiens.

The centre features a lovingly restored 1909 Qld Rail carriage located where Edward, HRH Prince of Wales alighted in 1920 to meet the settlers and open the branch line established to transport their produce to markets.

The carriage has been restored in a manner “fit for a prince” and contains stories and artifacts of the settlement and information about the original soldiers and their families, where they took up their blocks, and how life was in those times. In addition, there are artworks representing history in the form of a headlight window, poppy quilt, granite rock sculpture and a large mural on a shed wall. Come and see for yourself.

Address:17 Goldfields Rd, Amiens QLD, Australia

Phone:0428 833 168

Heavenly Chocolates: Wisteria Cottage

A delectable range of chocolates and gourmet goodies, available at the only exclusive chocolate shop in the Granite Belt.

While you are visiting the chocolate shop, be sinful and enjoy one of our seriously rich European hot chocolates – choose from many delicious flavours – or a hot coffee, or cold drink in our garden setting.

The chocolate shop is right nearby to the entrance to Girraween National Park.

We welcome youFriday to Mondaybetween10am – 4pm andall public and school holidays.

Address:Pyramids Road, Wyberba QLD, Australia

Phone:(07) 4684 5121

Spectacular Murals in Stanthorpe’s CBD

Stanthorpe’s CBD is scattered with street art between boutique shopping and cafes. The giant murals are striking features and well worth seeking out. Here’s where to find them…


Murals can be seen on a walking tour beginning in Weeroona Park, walking along Lock Street and then down Maryland Street (the main street of Stanthorpe).

Anna's Candles

Anna’s Candles creates a unique range of Scented Soy Candles, Candle Accessories as well as Diffusers and Melts and Body Wash products. Visit Anna’s store in Ballandean and enjoy the fragrances of the store and buying direct from Anna, the candlemaker.

Address:10 Curr Road, Ballandean QLD, Australia

Phone:0433 440 067